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Thain Garden Rooms Ltd Blog 

Every project we untertake is a fully bespoke design. We work closely with clients and designers to ensure that our builds not only meet your exact requirments, but also that they stay ahead of the curve when it comes to design and trends. Our rooms are extremely versatile as you will see below in our blog, we have built classrooms, granny annexes, saunas, office buildings, pool pumpstations, entertaining areas, art and music studios and guesthouses to name a few. As we are able to offer full building regulations we can also use our system for extremely efficient home extensions, offering the exact same finishes and solid feel of old fashioned masonry construction but in a fraction of the time and without the mess!

We have an small group of very carefully selected outside trades that we work with to ensure we can deliver the very latest in smart tech, cladding materials and specialized internal finishes such as polished ventian plaster and microcement. 

Every element of a thain garden room is tailored around you so that you can be sure you are getting exactly what you want, dont see anything below that is similar to what you imagine your new room looking like? Fantastic, we dont like to build the same thing twice! just pop your details into the contact form and we give you a call to get the details we need to build you up a 3d model and bring your ideas to life. Not sure what you want either? no problem, let us know what you need if for and we will design it for you.  

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