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About our garden buildings

A Thain Garden Room is designed to be pleasing to the eye but also consciously energy efficient. We use recessed LED lighting throughout and highly efficient, thermostatically controlled, programmable heating. To add to this we are able to offer full green roof installations, along with HVAC, MVHR, rainwater recovery, solar and ground source assisted hot water production and stunning green wall installations.

If designed with an overall height of 2.5m there is normaly no need for planning permission. We offer several different flat roof covering options including a single piece EPDM membrane with a 50 year life span and GRP resin, with EPDM being by far the most commonly used.

If you are lucky enough that your new room can be more than 2m away from a boundary then designs and permissions allow for a single pitched roof of up to 3m in height, and a dual pitched roof of up to 4m in height. This opens up design options such as light weight roof tiles or slates, along with more traditional finishes such as timber shingles.

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All of the trades below are also available as stand alone projects.

External wall finishes 

Roof options 

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Internal finishes 

Floor covers

Add ons

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Our foundation sytem 

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